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In order to provide a conducive learning environment for its users, the following shall be enforced:

· Staff and students should prominently display the respective university identity cards issued by the the Registrar’s Office.

· External Members should produce their library membership cards upon entering the



· Silence is to be strictly observed in the library.

· Library staffs on duty have the right to examine books, files and other materials which are being taken out of the library.

· Eating, drinking, or littering is strictly prohibited in the library. Smoking in the library is

not permitted.


· Bags, helmets, umbrellas, rain coats and packages are not allowed in the library. It should be kept in the baggage room.

· Library users who disobey the COPYRIGHT ACT 1987 are fully responsible for any action liable under this act.

· Users are not allowed to use mobile phones whilst in the library.

· Reservation of a seat is not permitted. Other users have the right to have the seat if it is left vacant for more than 20 minutes.

· Users are not allowed to remove library furniture and equipment from their original location.

· The library has the rights to ask users whose behaviour may be deemed as disturbing the peace of the library to leave the premise.

· Children are not allowed in the reading area.

· Games of any kind are not allowed in the library.

· Pets are not allowed in the library.

· Users are not allowed to damage books or other library properties.

· Users who violate the library regulations will not be allowed to enter or use the library facilities and services.

· The library is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

· The library reserves the right to amend these rules from time to time.

· Violation of these regulations could result in the following actions:

a) Expulsion from the library;
b) Denial of access to the library’s facilities or services;and
c) Referral to the Disciplinary Board for further action.

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