1. Who can use Library facilities and services?

  • Students
  • Staff (academic/non academic)
  • Teaching Engineers
  • Research Officers
  • Research Assistants
  • Registered Members

2. How can users borrow Library materials such as books?

Through two (2) methods:

  • Circulation Counter
  • Self Check Out Machine

3. How to users return Library material?

Through two (2) methods:

  • Circulation Counter
  • ‘Book Drop’ Machine

4. What types of material can be borrowed and for how long?

Information about types of material can be borrowed and length of loan period can be obtain at the Circulation Counter and Library’s website (http://library.utem.my.edu.my/)

5. What are the functions of a User Account?

Through a user account, a user can perform several transactions such as online renewal, book reservation and others.

6. How do new users obtain the IDs and passwords for their user accounts?

For new users, ‘Patron ID: Students ID/Staff ID’ and ‘Password: 1’. For further information please refers to the Circulation Counter (06-3316830/6831).

7. What happens if users forgot ID and password for their user account?

Users can refer to the Circulation Counter (06-3316830/6831).

8. How to renew books/materials through online?

Log in User Account through Library website (http://library.utem.my.edu.my/). Click on ‘On-loan Item’ and choose the book which book from the list of borrowed books/materials. Finally, click on ‘Renew’ at the bottom of borrowed list. For pictures guideline: Library Website – e-Guide – Student and Academic – Renew Online.

9. What are the functions of the Reference and Reader Advisory Services?

On duty Librarian will provide advisory services such as :

  • Searching materials/information
  • Inter Library Loan (ILL)
  • Advisory Services
  • Reference Questions
  • Book Suggestion
  • WebOPAC Usage
  • Searching Online Database

10. Does the library provide a media collection?

Yes, media collection such as CDs, DVDs, Videos and others. All borrowing and inquiries can be made at Media Counter.

11. Who can participate and join the Reference and Reader Advisory Services?

The reference and reader advisory services are directed specifically at the student, research officer and research assistant. Applications can be made at the Reference and Reader Advisory Services or download the form through (http://library.utem.my.edu.my/).

12. What is Inter Library Loan (ILL)?

ILL is a service where users can obtain materials from other institutions (IPTA/S) through Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM).

13. Who are eligible to use the ILL services?

Staff and students of UTeM. The Form can be downloaded from Library Website (http://library.utem.my.edu.my/). A completed form can be sent through two (2) methods:

·         Hardcopy: Submit to Reference and Reader Advisory Services


1. Can online databases can be accessed from outside the UTeM campus?

Yes, through Ez-proxy (http://libproxy.utem.edu.my/login) by inserting Staff/Student ID and I/C.

2. Does the Library provide online access to past year exam papers?

Exam papers can be downloaded via the link Ez-proxy (http://libproxy.utem.edu.my/login) by providing Staff/Student ID and I/C at the login page.

3. How to find out more about the use of databases?

Users can consult with Librarian on duty at Reference and Reader Advisory Services or by attending User Education Class.

4. How do users find out more about Tesis, PJP and PSM?

Please proceed to Circulation Counter. Searches can be made using WebOPAC Library (http://library.utem.my.edu.my/). However, these materials can only be consulted in the library.

5. How can users find out more about UTeM collections (Courses, seminars and NC’s speeches)?

Library provides these type of collection and can be accesses through the library website (http://library.utem.my.edu.my/) via e-Document link.


1. Does the library open its membership to outside community other than UTeM community?

Yes, applicants can obtain information by calling the Circulation counter at 06-3316830/6831.

2. Does Library provide rental service?

Yes, they provide locker services are two (2) sizes :

  • 43 cm X 34.5 cm = RM5.00
  • 28.5 cm X 34.5 cm = RM3.00

For more information visit the Circulation Counter or download brochure.


3. Is the Library equipped with wireless internet access?

Yes, at levels 1 and 2 of the library.

4. How to use the self-checkout machine?

Users can request assistance of Library assistant or through this link. (http://library.utem.edu.my/dmdocuments/tatacara%20penggunaan%20mesin%20layan%20diri.pdf)

5. How do users use ‘Book Drop’ machine?

Users can obtain information about the use of Book Drop machine through the Circulation Counter or via this link.


Please contact our Automation Officer at 06-3316804 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it